An introduction to Constitutional Law 100 Supreme Court cases everyone should know

Randy E. Barnett & Josh Blackman

In E.C. Knight, Chief Justice Fuller was in the majority and Justice Harlan was in dissent. In Champion v. Ames, the roles reversed. Justice Harlan wrote the majority opinion for a 5-4 Court. Chief Justice Fuller dissented. Champion v. Ames, also known as the Lottery Cases, considered whether Congress could prohibit the interstate shipment of lottery tickets. Champion involved the meaning of the words “commerce” and “regulate” in the Commerce Clause. Is the movement of lottery tickets from one state to another “commerce”? Justice Harlan answered yes: “Lottery tickets are subjects of traffic and therefore are subjects of commerce, and the regulation of the carriage,” or transportation, “of such tickets from State to State, at least by independent carriers, is a regulation of commerce among the several States.”

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