100 Supreme Court Cases

Sorted Chronologically
Sorted by Topic
  1. Part I: Foundational Cases on Constitutional Structure

  2. Part II: Enumerated Powers

  3. Part III: Federalism Limits on Congressional Power

  4. Part IV: The Executive Power

  5. Part V: The Separation of Powers

  6. Part VI: Slavery and The Reconstruction Amendments

  7. Part VII: Expanding the Scope of the Due Process Clause

  8. Part VIII: Equal Protection of the Law: Discrimination on the Basis of Race

  9. Part IX: Equal Protection of the Law: Sex Discrimination and Other Types

  10. Part X: Modern Substantive Due Process

  11. Part XI: Freedom of Speech

  12. Part XII: The Free Exercise of Religion

  13. Part XIII: No Law Respecting an Establishment of Religion

  14. Part XIV: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

  15. Part XV: Taking Private Property for Public Use